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ADD FUEL is the work of Portuguese artist Diogo Machado.


Alentejo, Portugal
Private commission

Photo © Ana Pires


Between Particles and Waves, an exhibition in virtual public space (Minecraft).
[new entry] The FOREIGN OBSERVER is present.
[+] The FOREIGN OBSERVER is located in the oversized pixelated landscape of Minecraft.
[+] The FOREIGN OBSERVER is one pixel and the entire image.
[+] The FOREIGN OBSERVER is three-dimensional and non-dimensional.
[+] The FOREIGN OBSERVER is now a show within show.
[+] The FOREIGN OBSERVER is now randomised weightless patterned geometry.
[new data] The FOREIGN OBSERVER is now part of this new world.
[new data] The FOREIGN OBSERVER is now present and future.

Photo © Miguel Portelinha


Add Fuel in collaboration with Viúva Lamego for Saraiva e Associados.

PATCH: WORKED is a series of 4 panels, specially commissioned for Saraiva e Associados’ office space in Lisbon. Highly distinct in its composition and chromatic, these pieces are the result of a challenge: to use tiles from Viúva Lamego’s stock catalogue, in pink tones, alongside with Add Fuel’s signature relief tiles.
As a result, a patchwork of memories, with a dash of gradients and/for movement, combining the simple and highly decorative flatness with the noise of volume.

PATCH: WORKED 01 to 04, 2021
Hand painted ceramic tiles; white wooden frame

Photo © Diogo Machado


Cais do Sodré, Lisbon, Portugal
Wall embedded hand cut ceramic tile panel
148 × 132.8 cm

This ceramic tile (azulejo) installation delves into Lisbon’s rich tile heritage where the classic blue hues meet ornamental and organic shapes. Rethought and Reworked.
Much like the artworks present in the 'CHRONOS REDUX' show, this panel presents a mix and dynamic of hand cut tiles coexisting in the same grid. The patterns, in their core and as a base, are from several locations throughout the city. But ’LISA REDUX’ in its emotion as an homage, is the result of rethought and rework.
Produced in collaboration with Rugo, with the support of Underdogs Gallery and GAU.

Photo © Ana Pires


Miami, Florida, USA
Private site specific commission
286 wall embedded ceramic tiles
195,5 × 335,9 cm (6’5 × 11’1/4 inches)

IN DEPTH 01, 2020

Panorâmico de Monsanto, Lisbon, Portugal
Galvanised steel panels cut with oxy-fuel coated with thermostatic paint
concrete base cladded with thermo-lacquered galvanised steel panel
210 x 130 x 45 cm

This installation explores the negative space present in the multi-layer stencil technique (applied to reinterpret the aesthetic of the tile language) widely used in my work, adapted here to a permanent metal format, creating a depth game with shadows, volumes, and sunlight exposure, allowing the viewer’s eye to create a tridimensional perception that can be analysed and viewed during different times of day. Also interesting here is the spacial correlation, the white pureness and elimination of color from the art which creates a high contrast with the surrounding space highly loaded with visual elements of urban aesthetic, elements also present in the art piece that create a tridimensional perception of shape versus environment versus light.

Photo © Miguel Portelinha


Lisbon, Portugal
Commemorative ceramic tile installation for Casa Pia de Lisboa's 240th anniversary
Produced in collaboration with Rugo

Can a wall be a hug?
The piece created for Casa Pia de Lisboa is exactly that. A wall built not to separate, but to protect and shelter. Thought to embrace, this wall has the metaphorical shape of a hug, with arms that create space within. Its unfinished look is the artistic interpretation of the institution’s never ending work caring for children and young people for 240 years.
The drawings represent the interests of the young students as well as the mission and values of the institution. Education, professional training, digital technology, sports and music inspired the shapes, creatures and patterns that now get the attention of the most attentive. As an “amplexo” is the easiest way of showing affection, this work is the artist’s way of embracing the cause and the children in this institution.

Photo © Miguel Portelinha


Newport Beach, California, USA
Private commission

Photo © Diogo Machado

EROSÃO, 2018

Alandroal, Portugal
Private Commission

‘Erosion (noun) the process by which a surface is gradually damaged by natural elements and begins to disappear.’

Filled with mysticism and mistery, the beautiful region of Alentejo is one of the most arid locations of Portugal, where climate changes the scenery from dry earth tones to vivid green vegetation. This was the premise to create the paradox of EROSÃO; a glazed ceramic panel does not fade with time and will always be vivid throughout the different seasons.

Photo © Diogo Machado


Lisbon, Portugal
Organized by Junta de Freguesia da Estrela, produced in collaboration with Revigrés and Mistaker Maker.
Institucional partner Museu Nacional do Azulejo

This work completes the set of tile panels known as the Azulejo Route that extends along Infante Santo Avenue, in Lisbon, and which includes the work of renowned Portuguese artists such as Maria Keil (1959), Carlos Botelho (1959), Júlio Pomar and Alice Jorge (1959), Sá Nogueira (1959), and Eduardo Nery (1994 and 2001). The mural, entitled “Louvor da Vivacidade” (a play on words that can be read both as “praise to liveliness” and “praise to a living city”), intends to bring the azulejo as an art form into the present, maintaining its historical, cultural, architectural, and artistic characteristics while endowing it with a contemporary aesthetic and reading. For the creation of this extensive work, with some 200 square metres, I reinterpreted the azulejos that were already there, namely the historic panels in the stairways. From these panels I selected some key patterns and compositions which served as the basis for the creation of this panel that pays tribute to the other pieces. Within this controlled chaos, I created a dynamic composition with elements based on the history of the Estrela neighbourhood, a place once connected with fishermen with an intrinsic relationship with the sea. I believe that from the combination of all these elements arises the necessary strength this tribute deserves.

Photo © Ana Pierce


Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal
Walk&Talk Public Art Festival
Produced in collaboration with Revigrés

Part of the “Morphing” series, this ceramic tile mural consists of five independent modules that create an apparent sense of deconstruction throughout the entire piece. Like all of my works with azulejos, it requires a closer look as it reveals that all five modules connect with each other and create a disguised unity. This extensive wall piece is 30 metres long, with the height varying between 1.80 metres (on the left-hand end) and 0.30 metres (on the right-hand end).

Photo © Rui Soares