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ADD FUEL is the work of Portuguese artist Diogo Machado.



Bordeaux, France, 2022
Saison France Portugal, (No) Borders project by Underdogs Gallery.

This ceramic tile public art intervention combines the calligraphic signature of L’Atlas with the geometric tile-inspired language present in the aesthetic of Add Fuel’s work. By deconstructing the French artist’s signature in layers and substituting the grey that usually assumes primacy in his work for blue and white – colours continuously used by Add Fuel – the artists achieved a balanced and symbiotic coming together of their individual aesthetics.
Mirroring a profound preoccupation with achieving a perceptible chromatic harmony, the conceptual equilibrium of this piece results in a dialogue of two distinct visual forms in a single artwork, which has now become an integral part of the space it occupies.  

Photo © Ana Pierce