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ADD FUEL is the work of Portuguese artist Diogo Machado.



While growth is inevitably a part of life, self growth must be cultivated and aimed for with self understanding and self motivation to push yourself to be your best self and reach your highest potential.
Personally, I tend to explore thematics that are part of my life and ‘personal development’ has been a very intimate topic for me for a while now; so even though this edition explores the botanical and naturalistic expression of growth as a visual (with bonus points for the re-imagined Baby Groot!), conceptually it delves deeper into the aspect of the human expression of self improvement.

AZ396 (GROWTH) – Special Tile Panel Limited Edition, 2022
Edition of /22 + 3 Artist Proof
Gel ink on ceramic; white wooden frame
Signed and numbered on the back
Certificate of Authenticity included
30.4 × 30.4 cm (11.9 × 11.9 inches)

Limit of one piece per client/address.

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