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ADD FUEL is the work of Portuguese artist Diogo Machado.

KHALTA LIL’ABED / خلط للأبد

KHALTA LIL’ABED / خلط للأبد

Djerba, Tunisia, 2022

My friend Mehdi Ben Cheikh (and the amazing team at Galerie Itinerrance) reached out and together we created the multi surface tile installation ’KHALTA LIL’ABED’ (meaning Mixture For Eternity). 
With its formal wavy composition based on the surrounding Mediterranean sea and its chromatic in white and blue architectural elements from Erriadh, the aesthetic inspiration goes deeper into the Portuguese technique of patchwork, the (not so random) mixture of patterns. Combined with the everlasting presence of glazed ceramics with motifs based on the beautiful and meaningful Tunisian history, embraces the chromatic and ceramic heritage.

Project coordination / Galerie Itinerrance
Tile production / Doremail
Photo © Lionel Belluteau