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ADD FUEL is the work of Portuguese artist Diogo Machado.

IN DEPTH 01, 2020

IN DEPTH 01, 2020

Panorâmico de Monsanto, Lisbon, Portugal
Galvanised steel panels cut with oxy-fuel coated with thermostatic paint
concrete base cladded with thermo-lacquered galvanised steel panel
210 x 130 x 45 cm

This installation explores the negative space present in the multi-layer stencil technique (applied to reinterpret the aesthetic of the tile language) widely used in my work, adapted here to a permanent metal format, creating a depth game with shadows, volumes, and sunlight exposure, allowing the viewer’s eye to create a tridimensional perception that can be analysed and viewed during different times of day. Also interesting here is the spacial correlation, the white pureness and elimination of color from the art which creates a high contrast with the surrounding space highly loaded with visual elements of urban aesthetic, elements also present in the art piece that create a tridimensional perception of shape versus environment versus light.

Photo © Miguel Portelinha