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ADD FUEL is the work of Portuguese artist Diogo Machado.



Lisbon, Portugal
Commemorative ceramic tile installation for Casa Pia de Lisboa's 240th anniversary
Produced in collaboration with Rugo

Can a wall be a hug?
The piece created for Casa Pia de Lisboa is exactly that. A wall built not to separate, but to protect and shelter. Thought to embrace, this wall has the metaphorical shape of a hug, with arms that create space within. Its unfinished look is the artistic interpretation of the institution’s never ending work caring for children and young people for 240 years.
The drawings represent the interests of the young students as well as the mission and values of the institution. Education, professional training, digital technology, sports and music inspired the shapes, creatures and patterns that now get the attention of the most attentive. As an “amplexo” is the easiest way of showing affection, this work is the artist’s way of embracing the cause and the children in this institution.

Photo © Miguel Portelinha