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ADD FUEL is the work of Portuguese artist Diogo Machado.

SEMPRE / Artist Proof


This purchase is for one Artist Proof of SEMPRE.

April 25, 1974, marked a pivotal moment in Portugal’s history, forever altering its political landscape. Sparked by dissatisfaction with the authoritarian ‘Estado Novo’ regime, the revolution culminated in a peaceful coup d’état led by the Armed Forces Movement. It brought an end to decades of dictatorship and ushered in a new era of democracy, freedom, and social progress. The people’s relentless pursuit of liberty and democracy on that historic day ensured that the spirit of April 25 would endure forever (SEMPRE) in the hearts and minds of the Portuguese people, symbolising their unwavering commitment to democracy and social justice.
2024 marks the 50th anniversary of the revolutions, with 50 tiles.

SEMPRE, 2024
Edition of /50 + 5 Artist Proof
Gel ink on ceramics; PVC mount
Signed and numbered by the artist (on the PVC mount)
Certificate of Authenticity included
20 × 20 cm (7.8 × 7.8 inches)

Limit of one piece per client/address.

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