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ADD FUEL is the world wide work of Diogo Machado, illustrator and street artist.

Wired UK / Add Fuel

"Add Fuel: tiles and tiling 2.0 with artist Diogo Machado.
Tiles are considered a fairly everyday item to some but in this case urban design culture has been the catalyst for a modern spin on an ancient craft.
Hailing from Portugal ceramic and stencil artist Diogo Machado a.k.a Add Fuel is making waves in the urban art world with this seemingly humble medium.
Decorative ceramic tiles or Azulejos as they are traditionally named, form the identitary art of Portugese culture with roots dating back to the 16th Century. Known for his contemporary approach to the historical art form Add Fuel was invited to produce an urban installation, the result: Louvor Da Vivacidade (translated roughly as Living City), was recently unveiled on the historic Avenida Infante Santo in Lisbon’s Estrela district."

Thank you Nadine for this beautiful article.

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