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ADD FUEL is the world wide work of Diogo Machado, illustrator and street artist.

Tales from the Tiles / Juxtapoz Magazine

"During these globalized yet strongly divided times in which we live, it is necessary to be reminded of the traditions that can bring us together, as well as those that tear us apart. Blinded by modernization, progress and everything that comes along with it, one tends to forget the beauty and importance of heritage. Whether we're talking about small neighborhood communities or entire cultures, these specific traditions are too often trounced by mass, fleeting trends.

Exactly one decade ago, Diogo Machado, AKA Add Fuel, took it upon himself to point out just how quickly and easily cultures can get buried underneath these new rituals and iconography. Taking his native Portuguese culture as an endless source of inspiration, namely the well-known Azulejo tiles, he adapted the rich but pre-existing concepts and embedded them into universally understandable, symbolic language. Firmly attached to his roots, he modifies and embellishes, celebrating the beauty of multiculturalism and all the elements it has spawned; a precious concept much needed in the current climate."

Big thanks to Sasha Bogojev for the interview, Hugo Moura for the portrait and to Evan Pricco for the invite.

Read the full interview here.