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ADD FUEL is the world wide work of Diogo Machado, illustrator and street artist.

Add Fuel / Dressed to Match

"So many murals / pieces of art to match, so little time! It only took me four months to do two matches with two of several new murals that were recently painted in August as a part of The Sacramento Mural Festival. As you might recall, the first one was a total bust (seen here) so I was really excited to make this one happen!

I mainly chose to match this specific mural because I pass it on my way to work everyday! It’s like a constant reminder that we have so much material for me to work with locally, so I’ve been keeping an eye out for the perfect outfit to wear with it. This specific section of the wall is located on the east wall of Faces Nightclub on K Street and was painted by Portuguese artist, Add Fuel (Diogo Machado). The corner section is actually part of a larger piece that was done by Nate Frizzle, which is minimally shown as the butterflies in my picture."

Lovely concept and flawless execution. Looking good! Thank you Michelle.

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