ADD FUEL is the world wide work of Diogo Machado, illustrator and street artist.

□1 Book Launch / Add Fuel Studio

Thank you to everyone who came over to the Studio yesterday for the launch of "□1".
Despite of the rainy weather we had a good time and a nice evening. My heart is full and you are amazing!

I want to leave a special shout out to the people who embarked on this journey with me /

Nuno Salvaterra (Art Direction)

Valdemar Lamego (Graphic Design)

João Miranda (ADD FUEL Logo and Typeface)

Miguel Moore (Editorial support and translations)

Sasha Bogojev (Text)

Alexandre Pais (Text)

Gonçalo Martins (Website)

□1 Book is now available in the Shop.

Photos ©Inês Vilardouro